Loans Interest Rate
Clean Loan 19%
Mortgage Loan 16%
Vehicle Loan 18%

Loans & Advances

Shree Yashaswini Souharda Co-operative Limited Provides different types of following loan facilities to various categories of borrowers under various loaning scheme.

– Non Agri Individual Medium Term Loan For Home appliances
– Individual Housing Loan
– Vehicle Loan
– Loan/OD On JRD/FD
– Cash Credit
– Loan/OD Against Kisan Vikas Patra/National Savings Certificate

Retail Loans

– Residential Purpose
– SPB Education Loans : For study in India / Abroad
– SPB Vehicle Loans : Purchase of vehicles for Personal or commercial purpose
– SPB Loan against government security : For Personal/Business requirements
– SPB Mortgage Loans : Purchase of Shop, Factory Shed, Office (Business Premises)

Business Loans

– SPB Business / Industrial Loan
– Purchase of Shop / Office / Factory Shed
– Purchase of Machinery / Equipments
– Working Capital Requirement
– SPB Self employed & professionals Loan
– Purchase of Business premise/Equipments
– SPB TUF Loan
– Purchase of Machineries, eligible under TUF Scheme

Salient features of our loaning scheme are as under

– No processing charges
– No documentation charges.
– No early repayment charges.
– No statement charges.
– Interest calculated on reducing balance.
– Service tax is borne by the bank on issuance of pay order / demand draft.
– Click Here to view interest rate of each scheme are as under.